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5/23/2017 - 5/31/2017


Tuesday, May 23, 2017
 3:30 PM    Spanish Arts
 4:00 PM    Generation Baby Buster
 5:30 PM    Wildlife Matters: Florida Ecosystems & their Endangered Animals
 6:00 PM    America: Freedom to Fascism
 8:00 PM    Link TV: World Music Special
 9:00 PM    Random Aussies
 9:30 PM    The Brainwashing of My Dad
11:00 PM    Democracy Now!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017
12:00 AM    Hofmann's Potion
 1:00 AM    Community Bulletin Board
 9:00 AM    Explore China
10:00 AM    Mi Gente Tampa Bay: Alfredo Garcia- Artista
10:30 AM    Spotlight on Government: Joe Battle - James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital
11:00 AM    Plutocracy I: Divide et Impera
 1:00 PM    Pay 2 Play: Democracy's High Stakes
 2:30 PM    Mi Gente Tampa Bay: Como Manejar la Tension y la Ansiedad
 3:00 PM    Black Ice
 4:00 PM    Blake High School Presents...'Diva J' Show
 5:00 PM    Mocha Moms Healthy Heart
 6:00 PM    Tampa Bay Insiders: Les Miller
 6:30 PM    The Word of Truth: A Refusal to the Word
 7:30 PM    Spotlight on Government: Tamara Shamburger, District 5 Hillsborough County Public Schools
 8:00 PM    TBCN Sports Talk: Chris Ward, The Skills Center
 8:30 PM    Sharing Miracles: Living with Fame and Diabetes
 9:00 PM    Seventh-Gay Adventists
11:00 PM    Democracy Now!

Thursday, May 25, 2017
12:00 AM    Howard Zinn: Air-Brushing History
 1:00 AM    Community Bulletin Board
 9:00 AM    Winning
10:00 AM    Spotlight on Government: Ann Madsen, Centre for Women
10:30 AM    Mi Gente Tampa Bay: The Helen Gordon Davis Centre for Women
11:00 AM    PT Speaks: Kachda and Marriage
11:30 AM    Brother Born Again
 1:00 PM    Journey to Tarahumara
 2:00 PM    Helping Seniors Understand Reverse Mortgages
 3:00 PM    Water Wars
 4:00 PM    National Gallery of Art: Paul Gauguin
 5:00 PM    Stealing America
 6:30 PM    30 Odd Minutes: Faeries with Rosemary Ellen Guiley
 7:00 PM    Spit it Out
 8:00 PM    The Diamond Empire
 9:00 PM    Death Row Kids
 9:30 PM    Further Off the Straight and Narrow: New Gay Visibility on Television
10:31 PM    Enviro Close-up: #518 - Lead Poisoning
11:00 PM    Democracy Now!

Friday, May 26, 2017
12:00 AM    Scene Not Heard
 1:00 AM    Community Bulletin Board
 9:00 AM    The Beloved Community
10:00 AM    The Scoop: MOSI
10:30 AM    Culture Vultures: DaVinci Machines
11:00 AM    Stop! The Destruction of the World
11:30 AM    Washington, You're Fired
 1:00 PM    The Closure Myth
 2:00 PM    Fierce Light: When Spirit Meets Action
 3:41 PM    Raggedy Ann Stories
 4:00 PM    Culinary Kid: Pizza
 4:30 PM    Zap Squad and The Sands of Time
 5:00 PM    Intimidad
 6:30 PM    Roosevelt Live!
 7:30 PM    After Tiller
 9:00 PM    #BlackLivesMatter
10:00 PM    The Abortion Diaries
10:31 PM    Soldiers Journal
11:00 PM    Democracy Now!

Saturday, May 27, 2017
12:00 AM    Female to Femme
 1:00 AM    Community Bulletin Board
 9:00 AM    Curiosity Quest Goes Green: Food Rescue
 9:30 AM    Adventures of Donkey Ollie: The Great Battle
10:00 AM    Deep Dish TV: Samidoun
11:00 AM    Not Me
11:31 AM    Full Disclosure: Saving Public Access Television
12:00 PM    National Gallery of Art: Leonardo: To Know How to See
 1:00 PM    House Appropriations Committee:  PEG Channels
 3:00 PM    Grilldog: Pig'n Out
 3:30 PM    Tampa Bay World Peace Concert: Children's Show
 5:00 PM    Oil on Ice
 6:00 PM    Maggie Growls
 7:00 PM    Speak Up Tampa Bay: Human Trafficking
 8:00 PM    Mothers in Prison. Children in Crisis
 9:00 PM    The Forgotten Bomb
10:34 PM    Chink in the Armor
11:00 PM    The Prosecution of an American President

Sunday, May 28, 2017
 1:00 AM    Community Bulletin Board
 9:00 AM    Give Your Walls Some Soul: Statue
10:00 AM    Dynamic Women of Color with Ageless Wisdom
10:30 AM    Money & Life
12:00 PM    Holocaust Remembrance Day
 1:00 PM    Link TV: The Middle East
 1:30 PM    The Brainwashing of My Dad
 3:00 PM    Juneteenth
 4:00 PM    Miss Teen Tampa: 2007
 6:00 PM    The Motherhood Manifesto
 7:00 PM    Hillsborough Health: Servicio de Transportación Provisto por Sunshine Line
 7:30 PM    Stop
 9:00 PM    Innovation Fixation:  Beautiful Nation/LuBotics/Rolling Dance Chair
 9:30 PM    Random Aussies
10:00 PM    Children of the Tsunami
11:00 PM    What a Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire

Monday, May 29, 2017
 1:00 AM    Community Bulletin Board
 9:00 AM    Job Hunting 101: Career Path Planning
 9:30 AM    Autism & Your Community: Autism & Adults
10:00 AM    Happy and Healthy: Fun Things to Do
11:00 AM    Sunset Beach
11:33 AM    Motherhood by Choice Not Chance
12:00 PM    Culture Vultures: The Florida Aquarium
12:30 PM    Never Perfect
 1:33 PM    Chink in the Armor
 2:00 PM    Fierce Light: When Spirit Meets Action
 4:00 PM    Blake High School Presents...'Diva J' Show
 5:00 PM    Creating Your Own Job: Video Production Businesses
 5:30 PM    Killer's Paradise
 7:00 PM    4 Directions: Haiti
 8:00 PM    Hillsborough County Aging Services: Alzheimer's Prevention
 9:00 PM    Big Media is Big Enough Already
11:00 PM    Democracy Now!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017
12:00 AM    Ophelia Project - Gender Violence
 1:00 AM    Community Bulletin Board
 9:00 AM    Happy and Healthy: Fun Things to Do
10:00 AM    Tampa Bay Insiders: Richard Gonzmart
10:30 AM    Mi Gente Tampa Bay: Alfredo Garcia- Artista
11:00 AM    Money & Life
12:30 PM    The Apple Pushers
 2:00 PM    MLK Day Parade Tampa 2009
 3:30 PM    Dream Shadows
 4:00 PM    NASA Sci Files: Case of the Deafening Sound
 5:00 PM    Independent Voices
 5:30 PM    Link TV:  Arctic
 6:00 PM    Western Eyes
 7:00 PM    Not Me
 7:31 PM    Link TV: Ramadan Primetime
 8:00 PM    Age-Defying Smoothies and the Seven Day Family Meal Plan
 9:00 PM    The Dark Side of the White Lady
11:00 PM    Democracy Now!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017
12:00 AM    My Left Breast
 1:00 AM    Community Bulletin Board
 9:00 AM    What to Do About Whales
10:00 AM    Ten at the Top
11:00 AM    Gasparilla Nite Parade '92
12:00 PM    A Question of Ethics:  Become a Drop of Love - Kindness & Mercy
 1:00 PM    Gahan Wilson: Born Dead, Still Weird
 2:30 PM    Mi Gente Tampa Bay: Recetas para las Fiestas
 3:00 PM    Link TV: Outside the Box
 3:31 PM    National Gallery of Art: Adventures in Art
 4:00 PM    NASA Sci Files:  The Case of the Mysterious Material
 5:00 PM    Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People
 6:00 PM    Tampa Bay Insiders: T. Terrell Sessums
 6:30 PM    The Word of Truth: Marriage and Adultery
 7:30 PM    Spotlight on Government: Chief Eric Ward, Tampa Police Department
 8:00 PM    TBCN Sports Talk: Eric Hayes
 8:30 PM    Stop!  The Destruction of the World
 9:00 PM    Biro
11:00 PM    Democracy Now!